“The people that gave me the ideas on how to make my product better were the locksmiths in lock shops at universities, colleges, and schools. They are the guys in the field dealing with everyday hardware problems. Thanks guys!” – Evan Matheson

I want to share to this 50's Vintage Lockwood service vehicle with you. The “good old days.”
I want to share to this 50’s Vintage Lockwood service vehicle with you. The “good old days.”

A s designers and manufacturers of Grade 1 commercial architectural hardware, we have 35 years of experience in the business.

My name is Evan Matheson. My brother, Alex and my father, Lloyd and I owned the 138 year old company, Lockwood Hardware for over 28 years.

We manufactured our products on the original machines that made Lockwood a major brand. Not only did we supply replacement hardware and parts, we invented our own Grade 1 hardware to compliment our line.

We were the first hardware company to design and market the first cylindrical key-n-lever, and 100% stainless steel mortise lock in the United States.

During my years at Lockwood I developed an ADA conversion lever set. Over the years I have made only two changes to improve it to my standards.

My Option2 lever sets have now been installed in buildings of all kinds, across the United States.

Meeting, working with, and successfully satisfying customers lever conversions is the best aspect of my business.

So when you call, ask for me, the owner. I always enjoy talking about my product and meeting your needs.

Thank you,

Evan Matheson
Option 2 Hardware